Sat 30.9. at 19 (doors 18.15)
Vanha 123
Tickets €30/€25 in advance, €35 at the door
Schlosser / Almqvist / Welin / Lukkarinen - Free Swing
Jaska Lukkarinen / drums Karl-Martin Almqvist / saxophone Axel Schlosser / trumpet Mattias Welin / double bass

Schlosser / Almqvist / Welin / Lukkarinen – Free Swing

At the Porvoo Jazz Festival in Vanha 123, the audience is always served two experiences with one ticket. The gigs start in venues 1 and 2 at the same time, and after a short break, the audience switches places and hears the second performer of the evening. In addition to Schlosser / Almqvist / Welin / Lukkarinen – Free Swing, the band Kari Ikonen & Karikko 50/25 will be heard at Saturday’s concert.

Karl-Martin Almqvist (Swe), Axel Schlosser (Ger), Mattias Welin (Swe) and Jaska Lukkarinen (Fin) have done what jazz musicians have been doing for 100 years… They have founded a band and released their first album in the spring of 2019 under the JASKAA label. The friends have played in different bands with each other and represent the top of their field in their own country. Schlosser is known not only for his own projects but also as the solo trumpeter of the FR Big Band. Almqvist is Sweden’s number one tenor saxophonist, who is known in Finland e.g. from his collaboration with Jukkis Uotila. Mattias Welin represents Swedish tradition-conscious top bassism, and Lukkarinen, on the other hand, is known for e.g. Ricky-Tick from Big Band’s drum seat.

Free swing is exactly what the name promises, the liberating power of swing! Bassist Welin and drummer Lukkarinen’s dynamic and tonally swinging combo pair creates a playing field for saxophonist Almqvist and trumpeter Schlosser, where everything is possible and nothing is forbidden. Ornette Coleman’s reverberating liberating energy and power of expression combine in the music of the Free Swing band with tonal and beautiful playing, bringing freshness and genuine jazzy unpredictability to the themes and compositions.

Schlosser / Almqvist / Welin / Lukkarinen – Free Swing // Kari Ikonen & Karikko 50/25
Sat 30.9. at 19 (doors 18.15), Vanha 123
Tickets €30/€25 in advance, €35 at the door K-18
EARLY BIRD TICKETS -€5 untill 15.6.