Kaivokatu 37 B, Porvoo


Inside the old stone walls of the WSOY building, in the premises of a former cinema, beats the cultural heart of the festival. Vanha 123, which has three hundred-seats per hall, is a meeting place for diverse cultural events. The cozy and delicious Aatos Café is located in the lobby.

At the festival, the audience of Vanha 123 will be served two shows with one ticket. When the doors open, there are house dj’s playing and one can enjoy a glass of wine from the bar. The gigs start simultaneously in halls 1 and 2. After a short break, the audience switches seats and hears the second performer of the evening.

During the festival, the entire space is K-18

Kaivokatu 37 , Porvoo

VANHA Pantteri

True to its traditions, Porvoo Jazz Festival ry takes over a new abandoned space this year. This time too, the venue for the late night and children’s concert can be found surprisingly close, right on the side of Vanha 123, the next door! Until 2013, the entertainment center known as the Red Panther operated as a billiard hall and bar with versatile gaming machines. In honor of its predecessor, the festival’s pop-up space was named the Old Panther. During the late-night concerts, the entire space is a drinking area, so events starting after 10 pm are K-18

Läntinen Aleksanterinkatu 1, Taidehallin 2.krs, Porvoo

Porvoo Art Hall

Porvoo Art Hall is located inside Porvoo Art Factory. The solo and group exhibitions of contemporary art change approx. every month. During the Porvoo Jazz Festival, in addition to Yrjö A. Jänt’s art collection, we have the pleasure of enjoying the exhibition of sculptor Felipe de Ávila Franco. Surrounded by the exhibition we can enjoy the solo shows of clarinetist Joris Roelofs on saturday and Mikko Iivanainen on sunday. Art loan company Konsta and Shop is a place for art and design purchases and it operates also in Art Hall.