La 24.9. klo 19.00
Vanha 123
Liput ennakkoon 25/20€, ovelta 30€ K-18
Ostrobothnia Jazz Sextet // Reimagining John's Sons
Peter Nordwall / saksofonit ja huilu Rickard Slotte / trumpetti Mikael Långbacka / pasuuna Ralf Nyqvist / piano Marcus Söderström / basso Stefan brokvist / rummut

ostrobothnia jazz sextet

Jazz and folk music from the Swedish-speaking coast of Ostrobothnia.

At Vanha 123, the public is always served two experiences with one ticket. The gigs start in halls 1 and 2 at the same time, and after a short break, the audience switches places and hears the second performer of the evening.

Ostrobothnia Jazz Sextet was founded in 2013 by a few experienced professional musicians who have mainly worked in jazz music..The Ostrobothnian Jazz Sextet is a traditional jazz ensemble and the music stems from the traditions of the 1960s. The band members are from the coast of Ostrobothnia, and as a result many of its songs are influenced by the archipelago and the sea. The sextet’s first album “Hotel Astor ” is based on the music of the Argentinian composer Astor Piazzolla. In the process of creating the latest album “De bergtagna”, a recording which was done in cooperation with SLS/Finlandsvenska folkmusikinstitutet, a new musical direction was found. The group wanted to include the older folk music tradition of the region into the sound. The starting point was a genre that became popular in Sweden in the 1960s, where jazz musicians used the traditions of folk music without prejudice in their own arrangements and playing. OJS’s music is an example of how old folk traditions, from medieval ballads and younger folk folk songs can be transformed to sound new and modern.