30.9. at 14.00
Starting point: 123 Kellari's backstage
Tickets €35/€30 in advance, €40 at the departure point
Jazz tour vol. 2
The guides are: Guitarist Raoul Björkenheim as well local guide: Jenny Törnroos

JAZZ TOUR vol. 2

The last year’s JAZZ TOUR for the 10th celebration festival received so much praise from the participants that we decided to create the event again for this this year as JAZZ TOUR vol. 2 ! That’s why this year, too, we’re going to the most beautiful locations in Porvoo for a jazz-filled day walk. On this walking tour we get to know Porvoo’s most charming places and the most surprising hidden places. Simultaneously we hear anecdotes about the history of Finnish jazz and musical performances by the festival’s top musicians. This year the tour is hosted by jazz guitarist Raoul Björkenheim. Björkenheim is known as a colorful personality, as well as a versatile and innovative jazz musician who is building a significant career. Over the years, he has been involved in many projects, such as recording several albums with the legendary ECM label with Edvard Vesala and one of her longest-standing bands, Krakatau. He has been awarded with the Yrjö award as the best jazz musician of the year in 1984, the Emma award for the best jazz composition of the year and the Nuori Suomi award in 1996. We will keep the other musicians performing in the tour as a surprise until the end. The exact starting place will be announced to ticket holders later, but the tour will run around the old town.

Put on practical footwear and dress according to the weather. The tour lasts 1.5 hours and there may be some walking in slightly difficult terrain. Inform in advance if you need assistance ulpu@porvoojazzfestival.com.

Jazz Tour Vol 2.
Sat 30.9. at 14.00. Starting point 123 Kellari’s backstage
Tickets €35/€30 in advance, €40 at the departure point (if there are still tickets left)
NOTE! Only a limited number of tickets available!