Sat 28.9. 14.00
Vanha Pantteri, Kaivokatu 37, Porvoo
Tickets in advance 15/10€, at the door 20€ S
Born2Bingo + featuring artists
Simon Eskildsen /organs Daniel Sommer / drums

Jazz + PIng pong w/born2bingo

Every year, Porvoo Jazz Festival wants to present something new! This year’s special feature is Ping Pong! We invite the cream of Finnish jazz musicians to play in a ping pong tournament with the lively Danish organ-drum duo, Born2Bingo. The band sets the rhythm for the jazz musicians’ ping pong face-off. The results of the mini-tournament will determine how the show continues on stage! Welcome to cheer on the paddle swings of our great jazz masters in Vanha Pantteri! An unexpected audience challenge at the end!

The drum and organ duo, Born2Bingo, consists of Danish professional musicians, Simon and Daniel. They have been playing together for almost 20 years. The band has thrown itself into the world of groove and comics in their music – with love, passion, and obsession.

The incredible Born2Bingo, masters of organ jazz,Simon Eskildsen on Organ & Daniel Sommer on drums, have been playing together for almost 20 years, are ready to entertain their audience!

Based on friendship, the duo offers a mix of tight rhythms, beautiful melodies, and anything in between – all with a twinkle in their eye.

The band is the ultimate Daniel & Simon tailspin into a universe of grooves and doodles. All lovingly, passionately, obsessively homemade for you all! The amazing Born2Bingo, self-proclaimed rulers of comic book and organ jazz, are ready to entertain you! Get ready to experience your favorite all-inclusive drums and organ duo! A friendship driven band with a subtle smile on their libs this band is prepared to deliver a mix of hard-hitting beats, beautiful melodies, and mostly anything in between. Fear not, it gets even weirder – Born2Bingo’s latest release comes in the form of an APP for tablets and smartphones. Complete with a full comic book and a selection of exceptionally groovy tunes. F ortunately, the music is top-notch, and this fantastic duo performs with enthusiasm and joy that is sure to infect the audience.

(And shhh, there’s a chance some of the finest Finnish musicians might join in).

Early bird tickets for everyone at student prices (discount 5-10€) end before Midsummer, and regular price pre-sale tickets are available from June 22 onwards!