About us

Celebrating its 10th anniversary, the Porvoo Jazz Festival is a jazz festival organized with a big heart, which invests in quality jazz with relaxed atmosphere. Due the anniversary, we are expanding the program and trying out new locations – one of the specialties is the Saturdays Jazz Tour to Porvoo’s most interesting hidden places! We don’t take jazz too seriously. We want our audience and performers to have a comfortable and atmospheric experience above all. We want to bring jazz close to the audience and select the most up-to-date and carefully selected jazz.

The Porvoo Jazz Festival has been organized every autumn since 2013. The festival is located in the heart of Porvoo and the monthly Porvoo Jazz Clubs are arranged in the cultural space Vanha 123, renovated by the association. The former movie theater with three cozy halls and two bars is apt to create a setting for concerts where the audience becomes a part of the experience.

The festival is organized by Porvoo Jazz Festival ry, and its program is curated by the festival’s artistic director, jazz drummer Jaska Lukkarinen.


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