Sukupolvelta toiselle – From one Generation to another

Sat 25.9 @ 1p.m. (doors 12.30 p.m.), 123 Kellari
Sukupolvelta toiselle – From One Generation to anotherĀ 

Free entry, book your tickets in ADVANCE!: ulpu@porvoojazzfestival.com

Free entry

Sukupolvelta toiselle is an immersive and joyful musical gathering that aims to deliver musical memories from different generations to another through singing, playing and dancing. The repertoire consists of jazzy old Finnish schlagers, waltz, humppa and most beloved kids songs f. ex. songs from Georg Malmsten and Marjatta Pokelas treasure chests. This concert provides entertainment for the whole family. Maija Sariola and Susanna Lukkarinen are musician-singers from a very well-known vocal ensemble Club For Five that have small children of their own. During the spring 2021, Finnish National radio, YLE, ordered nostalgic versions of historical children’s songs and new versions will be published within this year. Come to sing and enjoy!