Pope Puolitaival Nordic4

Pope Puolitaival Nordic4 I Susanna Aleksandra Quartet
Pe 24.9. 8pm (doors 19.15), Vanha 123
Tickets in advance 20/15€, from the venue 25€ K-18

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Pope Puolitaival Nordic4

Petri “Pope” Puolitaival – saxophone, electronically modified saxophone, flutes Jussi Fredriksson – piano Jonatan Sarikoski – drums Jori Huhtala – bass

Pope Puolitaival Nordic4 In Vanha 123 you will experience two concerts with one ticket. The doors to the venue will open at 7.15 p.m. when you will get the chance to relax perhaps with a glass of wine. The two gigs will start at the same time in different halls at 8 p.m. During a small break the audience will switch halls and hear the other band starting at 9:15 p.m.

Pope Puolitaival Nordic4 is playing the same evening together with Susanna Aleksandra Quartet. The music of saxsophone player Pope Puolitaival is melodic jazz that has a strong presence of improvisation. The songs with their interpretations reach over the musical genres without giving up the deepest essence of jazz. The compositions that rely on the cinematic expression have been inspired by the black and white -feel of the old Finnish films, but also by the diverse and urban modern world. On top a new element, Popes elextronically transformed saxophone sound have been added to the sound of this group. Pope Puolitaival, known for his strong and expressional sound, is one of the busiest jazz saxophoneplayers in Finland. Among his own band he is heard in various top jazz bands from small combos to big bands. The debut album of the Pope Puolitaival Nordic4 was released fall 2019.