Kadi Vija & Seppo Kantonen Duo


Porvoo Art Hall

Sat 26.9. 4pm (doors 3.30pm)

Tickets in advance 15/10/5€

from the venue 20€ adults, 10€ children

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Kadi Vija – vocals
Seppo Kantonen – piano

Picture by Tomas Olsen.

Kadi Vija ja Seppo Kantonen: Tuokiokuvia

This dynamic piano vocal duo’s program consists of Seppo Kantonen’s small mood pieces. Part of the songs have been composed for Kadi Vija, the older songs take new forms in the hands of this combo. Kadi’s instrument-like voice is easy to admire and makes it possible to have perform song with surprising and versatile melodies. With a strong voice like Kadi Vija, Kantonen is free to build his own harmonies as he likes.