Gigs at 19.30 & 20.30

Linda Fredriksson – Saxophone
Eero Tikkanen – Double Bass
Eeti Nieminen – Drums and Percussion

Sat 29.9. Vanha 123:
Elifantree & Mopo
Doors open 19.00
Gigs at 20.00 & 21.00
Tickets 25/20€


Mopo is a collective of three musicians from Finland. The energetic band saw daylight in the fall of 2009 as a result of a bar fight. Mopo (a moped) accelerates easily from zero to speed of light, but mostly the trio steps on a gas pedal for a ruff ride in the countryside. The band draws their inspiration from jazz, punk and the Finnish nature. Compositions are built together relying strongly in the magic of the moment.

Mopo has released three albums, “Jee!” (2012) “Beibe” (2014) and “Laivalla” (2016) all on Texicalli Records. “Beibe” won the Finnish grammy (Emma) in best jazz album category. Fourth album ”Mopocalypse” is coming out January 2017. Mopo’s intense performances have stolen the hearts of their audiences all over the world. In recent years Mopo has toured Mexico, UK, Sweden, Slovenia, Morocco, Norway and Turkey.