Doors open 21.30
Gig at 22.30

DJ Markus-setä

Jukka Kiviniemi
Abdissa “Mamba” Assefa
Hepa Halme
Antero Priha
Jarmo Saari
Arttu Tolonen
DJ Bunuel

Sat 29.9. Vanhan Kellari
WSOY -talo, Kaivokatu 35, Porvoo
Doors at 21.30
Gig at 22.30
Advance tickets 18/13€
By the door 20/15€

Fat Beat Sound System has from the start tried to influence the Finnish music with a wider, slower and heavier rhythm – heavier in a Jamaican way. During their first gigs in the late 1990’s, Fat Beat Sound System consisted of two DJ’s and two trumpet players, but this wide-rhythm messenger has taken various shapes throughout the years when emerging to the surface.

One of the band’s trademarks has been their strong teamwork with featured solists. Paleface, Tommy Lindgren, Hosni Boudali, Redrama, Heidi Kiviharju, Jhelisa, Sandra Melody, Okou, Pelle Miljoona, Daddy Ous, Meri-Kukka Kiviharju and Randolph Brown to name a few, have been dining with ”The Fatties”

In 2018 the time has become ripe again for the band to continue down their long career path. This time the core group consists of Jukka Kiviniemi, Abdissa ”Mamba” Assefa, Hepa Halme, Antero Priha, Jarmo Saari, Arttu Tolonen and DJ Bunuel.

The band hasn’t been seen on stage without a singer, but thanks the group’s diversity and patience the music carries as lightly as a feather instrumetally as well.

”Fat Beat Sound System has become known as the musicians resting place, and their characteristics reveals to be a releasing, well spirited, joyful breath, which of its caging time spirit is happily unaware of.”

Asko Kauppinen, Soundi 12/2004